New York City Population 2024

New York City population

New York City is a city of New York State. New York City is US’s most populated city and also New York State’s most populous city with an estimated population of over 8.8 million people. The city has many nicknames like “The big apple”, “The Capital of the World” and “The big”. New York City is frequently shortened to simply “New York,” “NY”, or “NYC”.

Based on our research, New York City population will reach 9.019 million by 1st July of 2023. We use first day of July each year due to US census bureau normally publishes the estimated population data for the same period. The calculation is based on the average growth rate of 0.66% over last 12 years since 2011. We believe using the recent years’ figures (see the table in next section) will make the estimation more accurate.

Population Growth of New York City

Looking back last eleven years of New York City’s population, the growth rate is very consistent and strong ranging from 0.24% to 1.05%, adding around 20,000 to 90,000 people each year to the overall population. Lot of workers was moving to New York City to take advantage of employment opportunities there, which contributes to the population growth. Also the city life style attracts a lot of young people coming into the city. Compared with other cities in New York State, the growth rate is align with the state average. 

Year Population (million) Growth rate
2011 8.28 n/a
2012 8.36 0.97%
2013 8.42 0.72%
2014 8.47 0.59%
2015 8.51 0.47%
2016 8.53 0.24%
2017 8.56 0.35%
2018 8.61 0.58%
2019 8.70 1.05%
2020 8.74 0.50%
2021 8.81 0.80%
2022 8.89 0.91%
2023 8.96 0.79%

Demographics of New York City

According to U.S. Census Bureau, 48.2 percent of the New York City population is male and 51.8 percent are female. Average male age is 36 and average female age is 39, so average state age is 39.

The top five races for people living in New York City are: White(65.7%),Black(15.9%),Asian(7.3%),Native(0.6%),Two or more races (3.0%).

The top five languages (other than English) spoken in New York City are: Spanish (14.44%), Chinese (2.61%), Russian (1.2%), Italian (1.18%) and French Creole (0.79%). As you can see Spanish dominate the non-English speaking Language due to Latin American immigrant population.

The religious makeup of New York City is: 33% are Catholic; 23% are Protestantism; 3% are another Christian faith; 24% self-identified with no organized religious affiliation; 18.4% are Jewish.

Population Density of New York City

New York City’s population density is 28,210 people per square kilometer, which is one of the most densely populated major cities in America.

Facts About New York City

  1. Same-sex marriages in New York were legalized on June 24, 2011 and were authorized to take place beginning 30 days thereafter.
  2. The Jewish population in NYC is the largest in the world outside of Israel.
  3. Up until World War II, everyone in the entire city who was moving apartments had to move on May 1.
  4. According to New York City’s Office of Emergency Management, the last hurricane to pass directly over the city was in 1821.
  5. Albert Einstein’s eyeballs are stored in a safe deposit box in the city.
  6. Approximately 37% of the city’s population is foreign born and more than half of all children are born to mothers who are immigrants.
  7. Asians constituted the fastest-growing segment of the city’s population between 2000 and 2010.
  8. The New York metropolitan area is home to a self-identifying gay and bisexual community estimated at nearly 570,000 individuals.


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